Pundit in the East!

Welcome to my first attempt at creating a blog.

Here I am going to attempt to locate, post and comment on the best (or at least most relevant) news and commentary that I can find on the world political situation — as viewed from my perspective at the in the outskirts of West Tokyo.  Because I have lived in Japan for 25 years, while remaining true to my American roots and values, I hope to provide a unique window into the Japanese mindset, and give readers an opportunity to experience politics and social news from the American-Asian viewpoint.

My political philosophy is unabashedly Conservative, not Republican, although I do stray into Libertarian territory on some issues.

It’s going to take me a while to get all the buttons and switches figured out here.  But this will do for my first post!




About Tokyo Tengu

I'm a 58-year-old lovable fuzzball that enjoys spending time (when not working) reading and writing political commentary, enjoying good books, cooking, eating and bashing stupidity whenever and wherever I find it. (Not that I have to look very hard these days.) Despite being a long-term (25 years) resident of Tokyo, I am an unashamed and unabashedly Pro-Life American Conservative with an intense interest in the politics of the day -- in Japan, the United States and throughout Asia. My writings here and in other places focus primarily on how things are seen from Japan and around Asia, with special emphasis on Japanese national, political and defense issues, US Forces in Japan and Asia, and the burgeoning military power of China.
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