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Japan: Great disaster prompts more women to seek marriage(needs a sturdy hubby
Asahi Shimbun  | 05/15/11 | Chikako Numata and Misako Yamauchi. 

 Great East Japan Earthquake prompts more women to seek marriage

A growing number of (Japanese) singles, particularly women in urban areas, are scrambling to find marriage partners after the country’s worst natural disaster in postwar years has forced them to think about their lifestyles and the future.

“I am more worried about my future and now realize how important it is to have a family,” a 30-year-old female company employee in Tokyo said. “I want to form a bond with others.”

The woman said her experiences after the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake spurred her to rethink her lifestyle. It took her six hours to walk to her apartment on the night of the quake after the trains and subways stopped, and she had trouble falling asleep amid the subsequent aftershocks.

So, the woman signed up for a matchmaking service during the Golden Week holidays earlier this month.

(Excerpt) Read more at asahi.com …

Tengu says:

The  Great East Japan Earthquake was the most significant event to occur in this nation since the end of World War II, and the social ramifications are going to be felt for many decades to come.

Perhaps it took a disaster of this magnitude to shake the 30-some generation out of its comfortable apathetic existence.  

One thing is absolutely certain — there is going to be a baby boom in Japan beginning around the middle of next January.


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