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I'm a 58-year-old lovable fuzzball that enjoys spending time (when not working) reading and writing political commentary, enjoying good books, cooking, eating and bashing stupidity whenever and wherever I find it. (Not that I have to look very hard these days.) Despite being a long-term (25 years) resident of Tokyo, I am an unashamed and unabashedly Pro-Life American Conservative with an intense interest in the politics of the day -- in Japan, the United States and throughout Asia. My writings here and in other places focus primarily on how things are seen from Japan and around Asia, with special emphasis on Japanese national, political and defense issues, US Forces in Japan and Asia, and the burgeoning military power of China.

History will mark this battle

This is it, people. The real thing. The end of Constitutional America as it has been known for the last 237 years. If the Affordable Care Act is allowed to stand, with all the exemptions, waivers, and delays unilaterally issued … Continue reading

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Gross Incompetence — A tale of two stealth birds

By True R. Spence (Tokyo Tengu) One of President Barrack Obama’s few – very few – clear victories was the termination of Osama Bin Laden during a special warfare operation led by US Navy SEALs on May 1 this year. … Continue reading

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Asia’s new carriers pick up steam

 By Greg Waldron, Asian Skies  Two big news items today, one about China’s new aircraft carrier, the other about India’s. China, more or less, confirmed its carrier program. Although the former USSR carrier Varyag is clearly visible inDalian – apparently a great view is … Continue reading

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China says will not threaten anyone with modern military

By Kevin Lim SINGAPORE | Sun Jun 5, 2011 12:21pm IST (Reuters) – China’s defence minister sought to reassure Asia Pacific neighbours on Sunday that his country’s growing economic and military power was not a threat, as long-running maritime disputes in the … Continue reading

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Japan’s “Cool Biz” campaign goes ‘Super’ this summer

Working holiday: Officials in aloha shirts work at the Environment Ministry on Wednesday, the first day of the government’s Super Cool Biz energy-saving campaign. The government is now urging office workers to wear light clothing starting in June, one month … Continue reading

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Sarah? She’s running, and she’s going to WIN!

There’s a joke that’s been around for ages about a political candidate the media hates.  It has a lot of variations, but the punchline is usually the same.  In this case, it would go something like, if Sarah were to … Continue reading

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Peter Fonda calls Obama ‘traitor’ at Cannes — Maybe the world IS ending…

Peter Fonda calls Obama ‘traitor’ at Cannes AFP/File – US actor Peter Fonda (R) poses on the red carpet at the 64th Cannes Film Festival on May 17. Fonda launched … – Wed May 18, 11:45 am ET CANNES, France (AFP) – Peter Fonda launched a four-letter attack … Continue reading

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